Who says that Tilburg is a sleepy town?


The statue of King Willem II infront of the Pathe cinemas.

Tilburg , a small town in the south of the Netherlands has oft been dubbed ‘sleepy’, with not much in the way of fun, or things to do for people to amuse themselves; as compared of course, to places like Amsterdam or Rotterdam.  While this to some extent may be true, there are many ways the town has the unique spark to make it lively.

The town has a major university, hence a vibrant student life is promised; with a shopping street, De Heuvelstraat and several places at Heuvelplein with restaurants, cheap eateries, pubs and clubs, just to kick back and relax during weekends.

Tilburg University

Tilburg University

As well, the Efteling, a theme park on the outskirts of Tilburg, has a variety of exciting attractions to entertain kids the whole day.

The Efteling theme park

The Efteling theme park

The town is also in close proximity to Belgium, with buses going to Turnhout then on to Antwerp at an unbelievably low price as discussed in a previous post Diamonds and Chocolates.

When it comes to festivals, Tilburg plays host to Mundial festival every year.  Last weekend, from 27th to 29th of June, all roads lead to Tilburg for the festival. While music and culture were big themes, there were lots of other activities for adults and children.  Food and drink were in plenty, and the weather was quite sunny except for the dark clouds and the light drizzles in the evenings.  The following pictures tell of the occasion better than a thousand words. Be sure to mark the dates, for a year from now, there’ll be a repeat of the festivities.













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