6 Fantastic Moroccan Drinks You’ll Love at First Sip

Morocco is one of those wonderful countries which blends together a contrasting clash of cultures to provide travellers with a taste of both Asia and Africa. One of the delights of the nation comes in the form of their countless delicious drinks. Today, let’s take a look at six fantastic Moroccan drinks you’ll love at first sip.

Mint Tea

mint tea

Mint Tea for the Moroccans is akin to water for most of the world – with people over there drinking it at any opportunity they get.

The beverage will be consumed at any meal time, as well as throughout the day as a whole, and often comes served in an ornate silver teapot – usually accompanied by matching tea glasses.

This blend is produced by mixing gunpowder green tea with fresh mint, before being flavoured with an abundance of sugar to give it a sweet edge.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

It doesn’t get much healthier than a glass of fresh OJ that’s been squeezed for you right in front of your very eyes.

While factory-made orange juice has been proven to be just as unhealthy for you as some sugary drinks, the same doesn’t apply to the natural product – as far less oranges (and fructose sugars) are going into each glass.

As well as that, there’s something simplistically wonderful about seeing your drink produced for you right there on the spot. It’s certainly not something many people experience on a daily basis.

Nous-Nous Coffee

Meaning “half-half’, this delicious hot drink stands out as the best coffee the African nation has to offer.

The brew has a very strong taste to it, with an Arabian style which packs a real punch on the flavour front. Generally speaking, it’s poured out of espresso machines and is often cut with hot milk.

This mixture of milk and pure black coffee is where the “half-half” name comes from, with the drink a very popular one in the city of Fez – where the famous hats, unsurprisingly, have their origin.

Moroccan Mom

This certainly isn’t one you’d have heard of before – with this fat-burning detox drink blending together a myriad of healthy ingredients to allegedly reduce your calorie count.

Whether that’s true or not, one thing that’s unquestionable is this incredibly tasty offering will have you hooked on first sip.

Cucumber is chopped, with that added to a mix of lemon juice, mint leaves, ground ginger and water. The final concoction is a refreshing and unique drink which will tantalize your taste buds for hours.

Jus de Fraise

Pur jus / Pure juice - Fraise

This one certainly isn’t for those who can’t handle a little bit too much sweetness – with this summer beverage literally comprising of strawberries that have been bathed in syrup.

In contrast, if you have a sweet tooth, this is without question something you’re going to want to sample at some point in your life.

As mentioned above, this is a seasonal beverage, so you’ll have to be in Morocco in the summer for best ease of access to it.

Cuvée du Président White

Despite being an Islamic country where the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited, Morocco has been a leading name in wine production since the 1950s.

Their vintage of white wine stands out as one of the best outside of Europe, with the Cuvée du Président brand arguably the best available in the nation.

It’s said to be reminiscent of apples and grapefruit in regards to taste, whilst also possessing a savoury element which could see it drunk with your main dinner.

These are just six of the best drinks Morocco has to offer. When you’re next there why not sample some of them for yourself and bask in the flavour sensation yourself?

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