Getting vaccinated is a personal choice.

The topic of vaccinations is not an easy one to discuss. In these times especially, it is viewed as a polarising and a somewhat controversial topic depending on whom you talk to, or their individual choices as to whether or not to get jabbed.

As I dive into this topic, I’d like to put a disclaimer out there. This post is by no means a substitute for your doctor’s opinions, report or advice; and should not be viewed as such.
It is simply a post. It may carry some new information, or may add to the information you currently have, or may do nothing for you. I urge you to read on..and make your own conclusions.

Speaking of doctors; the funny thing is that when I chatted with a specialist, hoping to have a clear answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to my questions as to whether being jabbed was a good idea, he gave me his frank opinion then immediately threw in what sounded like a disclaimer. Yep.
“You know, we are not allowed to encourage or dissuade people from going for the jab.”
I interpreted this to mean that deciding to get jabbed is very personal so to speak.

Which is ironic in itself considering that ‘pandemic’ means ‘of a disease prevalent over a whole country or the world.’ (Oxford dictionary).
Fighting something that has the potential to afflict whole regions, batter economies and change society as we understand it, simply makes it a group project. Yet our choices are personal, individual. Some random stranger out there is depending on you or me to play our part. That is quite scary, being responsible for people other than yourself, or the close family unit you belong to.

If you chat with the pro-vaxxers, they will share that they are simply doing what it takes for the greater good of society.
A good portion of those will let you know that they’ve had it with the new normal. They’re longing to rush back into ‘Life as it were’ where we needed not wear masks, or have nasopharyngeal swabs (the Covid test), and we could freely cram ourselves in gatherings whether it were to celebrate weddings, have birthday parties or simply partake in social activities like watching movies on the big screen, or being the spectators in a tennis match or basketball game.

If you talk to anti-vaxxers; some are of the opinion that it is far too soon. Like we haven’t found a jab for cancer or aids or even malaria (diseases that have been around) but this disease pops up and a year later we have gotten a vaccine to counter it?
Then we have those who have heard that the vaccine alters one’s DNA, and they are utterly horrified at the thought of having something injected into them that would alter their DNA.
One must admit that science has sometimes gone a little too far. This novel virus is a good example of things going awry as a result of zoonotic spillover, a virus crossing over from the bat species to humans with disastrous effects.
Whether this virus was formed in labs as a biological weapon of mass destruction or just came about as part of an evolutionary twist of fate, remains to be seen.

A few ladies saying nay to it are those of child-bearing age who plan to bear children, and feel that the vaccine may interfere with their having babies in the future. Seeing friends cycles go whack post-vaccination haven’t encouraged them in the slightest to take the leap.
Then there are those standing firmly on ethical codes, and choosing not to have it, as vaccines have unethical origins, for example being manufactured from foetus cell lines.

All that aside, just a couple of days ago, a friend of mine sent me some pictures of herself, hooked up to machines, and thin oxygen tubes hanging from her nostrils. She looked puffed up, and miserable.
She described herself as never having experienced sickness like she has with Covid. The feeling of general malaise, heavy fatigue, chest pains and an overall restlessness.

She kept on saying, “If you haven’t had the vaccine, get it done”..”don’t wait anymore.”
I must confess I have been offered the vaccine twice but opted not to take it. This time I’ve had it, because I do want to get back to country-hopping freely, and quite a number of countries are offering entry to the fully vaccinated without the 10-day quarantine.

I haven’t rushed for it before, choosing to be part of those that want to “wait it out, see the overall response or reactions to it.

There have been a slew of responses. Some encouraging, some not so much. We have to keep reminding ourselves that while the covid-vaccines may not be a cure, at least they grant one a fighting chance once they’ve had it done.
Whatever one’s decision it would be wise to continue to mask up, and keep observing hygiene as well as social distancing for a few years. I somehow feel that this disease and its variants are staying around for a while.

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