About Me

Sentosa, Singapore.

Sentosa, Singapore.

Foodie, travel addict and human rights activist.

Welcome to my page!

Travelogues of an African Girl,  is a blog highlighting various experiences I undergo as a female black African christian traveler.

I have always loved to travel, and begun international travel at the age of six, and haven’t quite put my itchy feet to rest. Though I spend most time in either Kenya, the Netherlands or Singapore; I consider myself a global citizen who prefers to be referred to as a “wanderluster, globetrotter or world-traveler.”

My passion is women’s rights and the protection of children especially in conflict zones.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Caroline Achieng Otieno.


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  1. Hi Caroline,

    How are you? My name is Mohamed and I am a Masters student City University in London (UK). I came across your blog as I am conducting a study on solo woman travel blogs and how they address possible constraints faced by women before and during their trips. Unlike men, for women, society still tends to discourage solo travel. The purpose of this study is to assess the agency of travel blogs in overcoming/facing/negotiating with these constraints.

    Please let me know if you would be interested to participate in this study through an interview, Skype or through email. Thanks!


    Mohamed Haj


  2. Hi Caroline.. Your blog looks interesting and no doubt it pulled me because it has travel word in it 🙂 I love travelling too.

    Following you on your journey 🙂



  3. Now i understand what you do…i should have started from here i guess:-) Good job on documenting your travels and for the work that you do with women and children. Thumbs up.


    • Asante! My maiden trip was last year to Singapore then Malaysia for the Women Deliver Conference, learnt quite abit about women’s rights around the world and got the courage to travel as a (mostly) solo African woman. So far so good..:-)


    • Yes we do! Love your blog, so interesting and lovely stories..would love to visit Indonesia and would love to learn diving! It would be great to meet one day when you are not too busy with work or travel! Thanks for your comment, happy to hear from you!


    • Thank you for bookmarking and for the follow! I think you will love SEA that is if you love humid weather and the food availability. You will get some stares so brace yourself..though in places like Malaysia there are many blacks and a better chance of fitting in. Awesome that you will pursue IR..best wishes for your study!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the compliment. Travel can seem scary, but I assure you, when you set your heart to just go, you’ll want to continue going, and not stopping. Take your daughter, she will enjoy the experience and learn so much more about different places!


  4. Totally agree. She has been to a few places. I actually found your blog because I googled something about being black in Croatia. Needless to say I was a bit put off because hostility is no Bueno but I’m hoping for the best, maybe a smile and a bit of politeness!!!


    • Cool that she’s been around. Yeah, didn’t quite fancy Dubrovnik..but Pula was okay. Hostility is not good..as a traveler, places where locals are friendly are my favorite ‘to-visit-again’ places..case in point, Bosnia. Lovely folks there!


  5. Hi Caroline,
    Reading is my way of life, travelling to me is another adventure of its own; guess am the luckiest to get a blog with the two combined in one basket. You rock. Keep up.


  6. Hey Caroline. I just happened across your blog, and love it! And guess what I googled to find it? Something about Dutch men :). I’m moving to The Hague soon, so I’m up reading stuff about NL… looking forward to future posts!


  7. Glad to find your blog, its amazing hat you travel with your daughter but that your a humans right activist too that’s so inspiring and i am thinking about pursuing my masters in Humans right,please share more of your experiences, thank you so much 🙂


    • Thank you Melody! You are welcome. Human rights is an important course to pursue, brace yourself for alot of reading and research during the year of your coursework. My thesis subject evolved around the subject of women’s rights..we are in the 21st century but still a long way to go before the world truly recognizes the rights of women and girls..all the best! If you need any more information please feel free to contact me! 🙂


  8. Hi Caroline..
    I was reading your Post about Dutch guys and I loved it..
    The way you describe them make me travel there to meet one….
    Please .Can you respond to this ?
    I need some info before my trip there…


  9. hi Carol, I am a mother of two a girl and a boy and my biggest dream of them all is to travel the world. how can I make my dream come true, I have never traveled before.


    • Hi Racheal! Great to hear from you!
      Where are you based?I normally advise people to begin traveling around their home town, then country, then further to neighbouring countries…bit by bit I believe you can make it…with the kids too!


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