10 reasons to date, marry or try not to avoid a Kenyan woman!

Over a year ago, I penned a post extolling the virtues of Dutch guys, giving reasons why I thought it would be worthwhile to hook up with these fellas. I must say I was surprised by the daily traffic reactions to the post, with many asking for advice and trying to find answers to the big questions they had about the Dutchies in their lives.  Yay to cross-country and interracial relationships!

Now, much as I would love to do the same for every nationality, the only other country I am really familiar with is Kenya, having been born and bred in the Republic; and identifying with the multitude of idiosyncrasies we have as a people. There could be some guy in a random region of the globosphere, likely twiddling his fingers, scratching his head and trying to figure out a Kenyan woman in his life. It’s possible he may be considering a relationship, or popping the question or even hanging out with this girl. Have no fear..this post just may goad you onto a positive decision. Can every Kenyan lady toot her horn and say an Amen! Well, here goes..

1) They are ambitious: The trajectory of a Kenyan woman is always forward and upward.  That tacit fiery desire that glows in her bosom urges her to do better today than she did yesteryear. She is constantly on the go; furthering her education, joining a gym or sports activity or even a chama, eating healthier, expanding her business, launching this that or the other..and so forth.  The Kenyan lady pulls no punches when it comes to upping herself. She is a go-getter nonetheless.

2) They are hard-working: Being hard at work is something firmly imprinted in her genome. A Kenyan lady is always on the grind, and does not contend with doing one thing; multi-tasking is the name of the game where she’s concerned.  She almost always has a side-hustle to complement her job or business. Ever wonder why multi-level marketing is so big in Kenya? (or where Kenyans are based?) How about the peddling of suits, clothes, shoes, quail eggs, food and so forth in offices? Or even building of rental houses? It’s all about more money…a Kenyan woman’s palms itch for the feel of cold hard cash. They are also quite flexible, adept at career change, switching comfortably into new roles without so much as a murmur.

3) They are naturally beautiful: Forget all those blog posts having beef with the appearances of Kenyan women. Our women look sweet, sultry and saucy; no argument about that. Much as there will be a mixed bag of tall, short, or medium height; ample-sized or tiny busts, huge or small behinds, the Kenyan woman is proportional whatever her fit and then some. Her complexion ranges from a dark roasted coffee bean ebony, to a sepia brown, to a yellow yellow light copper to a milky latte; a Kenyan lady is a natural, looking good even without slabs of make-up. Like she can jump into the pool on the first date, and she will pop up looking the same. She showcases fifty shades of …beauté.

4) They are family-oriented: When you settle down with a Kenyan girl, expect a brand new set of family, something that may excite you, as gatherings will appear to be one big continuous party. Her family isn’t just made up of mom, dad, brothers and sisters but extended family, a circle that reaches out to enclose cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents and so forth. She is as well quite respectful of traditional values such as treating the elderly with respect and reverence. When it comes to weddings and marriages, each of the forty tribes in Kenya has its unique tradition, much of which includes the paying of dowry; a symbolic act in a sense that a girl is leaving her family and joining her new husband’s family, so her family receives compensation for ‘losing their daughter’. Now how cool is that?

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5) She is honest: A Kenyan lady is straightforward and a person of integrity. She likes to run with the right crowd and that doesn’t include tricksters or con-artists. With a Kenyan girl, what you see is exactly what you get.

6) She is intelligent: Kenyan women likely fall into one of the three; streets smarts or book-smarts or a neatly-packaged combo of both. A Kenyan girl is as sharp as nails and has her wits about her; she’s able to read the wind, and asses what is beneficial, and reject that which is not. The booksmarts can easily hold an argument, articulately stating points and proofs, and which scholar said what, with empirical evidence to boot. She is a researcher even when she doesn’t know she’s one, and when you enter into a relationship with her, note that you’ll be under some sort of surveillance; the kind that can turn the FBI green with envy. Have no fear though..she’s fiercely loyal.

7) She is religious: Ever browsed through internet dating sites where the women are Kenyan? Most often than not you’ll bump into the one core characteristic they are looking for..”must be God-fearing..” Kenyan women have faith as the totem pole they hang onto…belief in God for the most part is their pillar, firm foundation and at the same time anchor in times when they are blown about by the storms of life. This can be a good thing when it comes to her ethics, principles and morality.

8) She is a homemaker: Give a Kenyan lady a house and she will turn it into a home, and that’s not just a Myles Munroe quote, it is a fact; she will enhance it to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing environment. Kenyan women are quite hospitable and generous hosts to a fault; always opening the doors to their abode gushing a “karibu“(welcome). With a lip-smacking array of Kenyan delicacies constantly brought to the table, she effortlessly creates a happy pappy home.

9) She is astute with business issues: Who doesn’t want a financial wing (wo)man? This together with the first and second points, will mean your finances are kept in check.

10) She is friendly: A Kenyan lady is very friendly and warm, it is never hard to break the ice with her, she is a natural conversationalist; all smiley even with those she’s not familiar with. It takes a lot to make a Kenyan lady hostile..a whole lot.

Anything else I missed? What other reasons would one have to date, marry or try not to avoid a Kenyan woman? Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Hi Africangirl,
    It was an epic post. A bright illustration of a lovely and passionate girl. An examplary soul mate for a happy life.
    Although, these are all general reasons who can make a guy fall for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Kenyan women are exactly what you described. Don’t you think it should be something different, something special just belong to you and make Kenyans’ different?
    You, by yourself, are an enough reason to belive in beauty.

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  2. I just had my first date last night with a lovely Kenyan woman and she was EXACTLY what you just described here. I am stunned at how accurate you pegged it !!!!!


      • Am from Nigeria looking for a way to come to kanya, but I don’t know how to get visa, i love kanya very much…i will love to base in kanya, stay there looking business,and make family there…


      • Am from Nigeria looking for a way to come to kanya, but I don’t know how to get visa, i love kanya very much…i will love to base in kanya, stay there looking business,and make family there…


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