Simple but important ways to take care of yourself in 2021

We all went through a lot in 2020. And as we cautiously tiptoe through 2021, we must remember to take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to appreciate our loved ones and try and put our health first, however in today’s hectic and often fractious world, it’s not always that easy.

Hand sanitizer tap in De Brouckere, Belgium.

To help you make the most of this new year and to help you put yourself and your wellbeing first, I’ve gathered some simple but important ways you can take better care of yourself in 2021. Read on to find out more.

Get an eye exam
When was the last time you had an eye examination? Adults with no underlying vision issues are recommended to visit the optometrist at least once a year, but with 2020 throwing many plans out of the window, vision care has certainly taken a back seat. You can get an eye test Kenya, by clicking the link. Getting an eye exam means that you’ll have the right prescription glasses and/or contact lenses and you’re less likely to suffer from headaches and other vision problems. With many aspects of our lifestyles changing in the last 12 months, it’s important to keep your eye exam appointments and look after your vision.

Spend more time outdoors
2020 had most of us confined to our homes in terms of lockdowns, emergency measures and changes to our working practices. With many of us working from home, very few of us even ventured out of the house, especially during the dark, winter months. Now that Spring is here and many restrictions are easing, getting outside and spending more time in fresh air is much more attainable. Spending time outdoors, within green spaces can help lower your blood pressure and stress levels. It also gives you a good dose of vitamin D! Make sure you spend at least 30 minutes outdoors every day.

Move your body
For most of us, exercise has taken a firm backseat this past year – and that’s ok! However, don’t underestimate the power of exercise, not just in a physical sense, but also in your mental wellbeing. All forms of exercise release endorphins that help to lubricate your joints reducing stiffness and makes you feel good! Incorporate a brisk walk or jog into your outdoor time or try a simple equipment-free workout online to ease yourself back into fitness.
And finally, focus on your mental wellbeing
Everything we’ve discussed so far can help boost your mental health, however, you don’t have to stop there. 2020 placed a huge amount of pressure on our mental health, with many of us facing long periods of isolation, struggling with illness, money issues and of course, loss. Focusing on what you can control is a mindful practice that will help your mental wellbeing. Unfollowing news feeds and stepping away from the negative side of social media can also help. Mindful meditation, breathing exercises and even writing down your feelings are all productive ways to put your mental health first in 2021.

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