See you on the other side..Happy 2017!

If 2016 was a person, how would you describe them? Would you classify them as male or female, would they be young or old, fast or really lethargic and slow? Would they be fat or thin..fat meaning the year was filled with goodies, thin meaning a long drawn out year of suffering, a thinning out of resources, hair and whatever else.  Would they be a miserable wench or a fun loving dude? Like seriously, if 2016 was a person would you be happy to make friends with them? Welcome them in, ask them to remove their shoes and put their legs up on the sofa and feel comfortable as you rush to the kitchen to whip them up a lovely meal? Or would you show them the door, wishing for them to exit as fast as possible?  My 2016 would best be described as the year of slowing down..of not sweating out the small stuff, of parting ways with those who no longer fit in the larger scheme of things. The year of a coming of age.

1) Cancellations: Last year was the year of the gaffe. I had myriads of cancellations. This year, not so many. I managed to go where I wanted to go, except for the time I had an accident and injured my leg, or skipped Italy to Backpack Eastern Europe during the summer, or this Christmas when I decided to stay home instead of travel.  Travel is cool, but causes me as much pain as it does pleasure. There’s so much to organize, to synchronize, more so with short term travel. I didn’t think it would be cool traveling around Europe during Christmas so I briefly went to Ghent for the Christmas market, and rode on the Ferris wheel with Little Miss Ashley who found that fun.

5) Communicado: The travel blogging community is barely a tight knit group. Mostly big shots hang out and follow those as successful as they are. You ideally would like to relate with those who carry the social grace to bond with followers and really be an influencer, teaching them the tricks of the trade to get to the same level of success they have. My absolute favourite food vlogger Mark Weins deserves a mention in this respect. Love his vlogs, your mouth waters as you watch him introducing bites around the world. I loved his latest round the world vlogs..and again, he always responds. How cool is that.

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  1. I love your question about what kind of person 2016 would be. I am American, and for us, it’s been a horrible year (Trump!!????). I think of 2016 as an old, lecherous, bloated, white guy with gout and his tongue constantly sticking out of his lips. Oh, and he drools.

    BTW, have you read Chimamanda Adichie’s “Americanah”?

    Happy 2017!


  2. I’m still undecided as to what kind of person 2016 looks like. I love your roundup of the year. I can’t believe someone (blogger friend) would do that. It totally sucks! As for the trolls, they are just a sad bunch. I got my first troll comment a couple of weeks ago and l deleted it. It added nothing to the conversation and was not going to give him a platform. I hope you and the little missy have a wonderful New Year! Here’s to an even better 2017.

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    • Thanks Kemkem! I was busy replying to the troll everywhere he commented. Then I realized it could be compared to shooting in the dark, because this guy was anonymous under a pseudo name, and it seemed ridiculous to give him air-time, so I deleted everything he had written.
      Totally sucks for sure. A few days ago I was talking to a friend about the issue, and she was like,”You write, you should have just written the story instead of giving it to this guy to share on his space.” Facepalming moments for sure. Totally regrettable. Have a brilliant 2017!


  3. OMG! I published before I had fully completed my editing. Pls delete the first one. Here’s what it should have been…

    ‘Love your write up of the year. I especially like how much you enjoyed Eastern Europe as it gets a reputation of being a no-go area for people of colour, which I totally disagree with. It’s a great area.

    As for trolls. I’m so sorry to hear your experience not only of cowards but of someone who you perceived to be a friend. Sadly, trolls are par the course, I got one 6 weeks after my blog started and it was rather nasty. I was shocked and upset so I deleted and blacklisted him, but now I have thicker skin! I leave them on unless they use racial or insensitive slurs. Many just want a shouting match of a conversation. Don’t give it to them!😉

    On a more pleasant note, I really like the photo of your hand, your beautiful dark skin, and all the bangles with a Polish bagel at the end of it!


    • Thank you Victoria! Will delete your first comment!
      Most people don’t know it but Eastern Europe is beautiful , the people are mostly charming and it’s quite cheap as a destination!
      I got only one troll but he was nasty and quite irked me! I don’t know how the more popular bloggers handle hordes of trolls and horrendous insults!

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