4 ways smartphones have changed travel forever

Checking her smartphone

There’s no doubt about it – smartphones have irreversibly changed the way we experience
travel. They allow us to capture our favourite travel moments and share them with the entire world with just the tap of a screen. And with the ever-increasing availability of affordable data packages and mobile devices, today’s globetrotters have become more travel hungry than ever before. In fact, statistics indicate that up to 30% of the modern workforce would settle for lower wages if they were granted frequent opportunities to go on business trips.
In a travel capacity, smartphones have evolved to become the heart of navigation, inspiration and, of course, reliable communication. They are changing how travellers immerse themselves in a destination, in ways that often go unnoticed.

Here are the top four
ways smartphones have revolutionised travel:

1. Enhanced connectivity

Backpacking adventures before smartphones were always riddled with uncertainty. You never really
knew if help would be available in an emergency, or what to do if you found yourself lost in an unknown
city where you couldn’t speak the local language. Smartphones have put all these problems to rest with instant access to the people and services that matter to you the most. And while you won’t find coverage in every remote corner you may want to
go trekking in, smartphones can still help you plan effectively and make smarter travel decisions. Recent advancements in mobile technology have also led to an explosion of social apps such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram that travel lovers can use to instantly connect with friends and family from around the globe.

The Eiffel tower

2. Making reservations

Smartphones have fast become an indispensable travel tool, and air carriers and large hotel chains have already begun to cash in on the new digital opportunities that technology has created. People now have access to an endless variety of apps designed to address every aspect of travelling; from finding taxis and navigating unfamiliar airports, to making hotel bookings and reserving aeroplane seats. Many airlines today offer consumers a simple booking experience through mobile apps that can complete bookings within mere minutes.
These apps are not just trendy and flashy, they are also incredibly easy to use and save both customers and airlines the hassle of a long phone call. Large hotel chains also offer convenient booking options through modern apps that allow consumers to enjoy so much more than just room reservations.

3. Exploring localities

Visiting world-class attractions is all well and good, but how do you pick only the finest places to try local cuisine? Smartphones have made the whole meal planning process a lot more convenient by allowing travellers to rate restaurants based on not just food quality, but also factors like the variety of wines and the availability of WiFi. This means that more and more modern travellers are depending on their smartphones to map travel routes while
making the most of the technology at their fingertips. So, no matter how far away the desire
for exotic destinations and pristine landscapes may take you, you will always be able to find your way back to where you need to be. There are many helpful navigation apps and maps you can download before setting off to even the most remote locations. These maps can also work offline, making sure that you stay safe as you explore beauty off the beaten track.
Apps on smartphones can even rate all the attractions around you, telling you which ones
are really worth your time and money. The ratings on these apps can often help you optimise your travel list so you get the best value for money out of your holiday.

4. Creating memories

Long gone are the days when travellers relied on disposable cameras and bulky bags filled with precious film rolls to memorialise journeys. Smartphones today are capable of capturing an unlimited number of high-quality images, allowing every traveller to create beautiful personal memories and share stunning photographs. Smartphones also come with an array
of innovative photography apps that enable users to snap pictures, try creative filters and share a unique take on even the most unusual getaways on the planet. Another perk of using smartphones is that you can automatically backup your data securely; uploading images stored on your phone straight into the cloud.

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  1. So true, I myself have experienced many of this realities, like standing in the lobby of a hotel yet opting to book my room online because it’s cheaper there. We now have more control that’s for sure!


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